Day 2 (Again)

Me at the supermarket buying oat bran. 156 pounds

Me at the supermarket buy oat bran. 156 pounds

7:00am 1/2/14

24-Hour Weight Loss: 2 pounds (YAY!!!!)

Total Weight Loss: 2.5 pounds

Well, I’m really, really excited to be down 2.5 pounds so far! That was pretty easy. Here’s how my day went yesterday.

I walked 4 miles in the morning, briskly, even slow jogging part of it. As I walked I listened to the Dukan Diet book on tape, and learned that I didn’t really follow the Attack phase properly on day one. Accordingly, I’m counting yesterday — New Year’s Day — as day 1. I’m still going to do five attack days.

What is hardest for me to avoid is sauces and condiments, followed by veggies. 

I felt absolutely fine yesterday, but was a bit at loose ends because I made the decision to just putter around the house, watch football with my husband, and not really do anything. I did work a tiny bit (I work from home), but really, the day kind of dragged on.

Today is a work day and my assistant will be here. The days typically fly when she’s here because she’s super fun, and we just get down to work and get things done. 

I have been reading the posts of another Dukan dieter here:

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday reading about her weight loss journey. She had more to lose than I do, but it was very inspirational. Odd thing is her posts end in February 2013. Did she just stop blogging? Did she fall off the diet and never get back on? Anyway, what I liked about her blogs was that she summarized at the end of the day. So I’ll do that, too.

What was hard for me yesterday is that I’m finding I really don’t like protein in great quantities (though I am a quantity eater, and so I DID eat it in great quantities). I’m really looking forward to adding vegetables. Haven’t yet listened to the chapters on PV (protein & vegetable phase), so I don’t know what types and how much I can eat. But…. I can do this on Monday. Yay!

By the way, I haven’t been at 156 for ages! My starting weight of 158.5 was on the low side of where I’ve been hovering for about a year, so I’m really excited about this. I do feel a bit weak right now, but I’m going to stick with the Attack Phase and power through it. Am trying to find some current Dukan bloggers to connect with. 

3 thoughts on “Day 2 (Again)

  1. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog and posting my link 🙂
    I have have additional Dukan posts since February, they just haven’t been moved under the Dukan heading (I had someone helping me do that in February). I was following the Consolidation phase for almost a year and then followed a Paleo regime for the most part. Due to lots of circumstances my blogging has been quite reduced (3 jobs! #Grateful) and busy with life. I did, however, find myself creeping up on the weight, as I stopped daily exercise. I am back on Dukan to get this 27# weight gain off! My daughter has joined me this round and we’re starting with 7 days of attack on Monday, so I’ll have more posts! I’m also now training for a half marathon, so getting lots of exercise in 🙂
    I look forward to following your progress!

    • Hi Sandi,

      You cannot imagine how excited I was to see you wrote to me! I’m brand spanking new to the world of social media, and I was hoping someone would follow me or comment or something, as I don’t want to do this in a vacuum!

      Monday will be my first day of adding veggies. I can’t wait. I’m already sick of just protein. But, I really want to lose 20 pounds, so it should be worth it.

      You’re training for a half? I remember reading your early posts last night when you would walk 22 minutes (in 97 degree weather). Good for you! I am going to start a couch to 5K routine in February. Want to get a bit of weight off first.



      • You’ll love couch to 5K! That’s how I began my running and it’s a wonderful program to build you up! Last Saturday on my training run we ran SIX.THREE miles!!! That’s 2 5Ks! I felt like I got run over, LOL,.
        Welcome to the world of social media… and to Dukan. You’ll love it. I know exactly what I did to gain back this 27 pounds and I’m taking control now. I am excited to see how you progress!

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